Invest. Partner. Prosper.


Bochi Investments is a boutique investment firm focusing on value and partnership.


We invest in small well run businesses that have a history of profit and can show a defensible future against competition and economic factors. Our investment philosophy is very much aligned with Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet, we partner with existing businesses and require the founders or an existing team continue running the business. Great businesses are run by great people. We not only celebrate this business ethos, but ensure this continues going forward as the business grows.

We both facilitate the autonomy of the businesses we own and make ourselves available to advise on profit growth, corporate expansion, and M & A activity. We also utilize our vast network of high-level people and businesses to help and grow the business.

Business characteristics we seek

  • A strong and satisfied customer base.

  • High margins and cash flow.

  • Management team or manager who wants to stay with the business.

  • Definable “moat” which can be a strong brand, a dominant position in a niche market or a long

  • history of revenue and profit.

  • A history of consistency and repeatable business process or products.